with EXACTLY 5 reg. size bags, mix any wood type (20lbs bag excluded) ANYWHERE in the USA








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Use instead of Wood chips in nearly ANY smoker! 




1 bag of Peterson Pucks = 4 bags of chips

1 bag of Peterson Pucks = 96 Bradley Bisquettes!


 Smoking with Pucks- (Will work in nearly any type of smoker)  

   Electric Smoker


        Smoking on a Grill


        Bradley Smoker

Peterson Smoker Pucks have been designed to provide a longer lasting and more concentrated smoke resulting in the need to fill the chip pan in your smoker only once. Peterson Smoker Pucks will begin smoking in 5 minutes in an electric smoker and will last for nearly an hour and a half. Three Peterson Smoker Pucks fit neatly in chip pans and they can be stacked to provide longer lasting smoke. 
 Grilling with Pucks-
Peterson Smoker Pucks can be used in gas and charcoal grills.  Add one or two Pucks to your smoker box, or simply place them in the back corner(s) of your grill on the grate or in a tuna can, pan or on tin foil to keep from flame.

Keep pucks dry 
Our products are 100% natural, made of debarked kiln-dried wood, and no binding or release agents are used -MADE IN THE U.S.A.
We are confident once you try the Peterson Smoker Pucks, they will remain the primary source for adding a wood smoke flavor to all of your favorite meats. 
Available in Alder, and Cherry.

Coming soon, Hickory and Maple